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  • Santarém

    Habitação com 3 quartos e sala com kitchenet. Veja mais informação AQUI.

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  • Outros Projectos

    Outros projectos onde a Pinho Casa fez grandes amizades! Clique AQUI para aceder.

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  • Setúbal

    Habitação com 4 quartos e uma sala. Conceito ecológico com a adopção de algumas paredes em palha. Ver mais informações AQUI!

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Our mission

To produce the best houses for the lowest price

The politics of Pinho Casa, contrary to what the market presents, is that we are making our business according to the fair value, not just for our company´s income but also for you as a wooden house proprietor.

We believe that everyone has a right to have a dream house so there is no need to pay more than it is necessary to obtain it. We live as well in the wooden house and we appreciate the comfort that it gives us.

We have the privilege to guarantee all the stages of the process, starting from the picking of the wood in our forests in Transylvania, passing through the transformation in our factories, ending with the delivery and an assembly at the location of our clients.

To guarantee the satisfaction of our clients

The construction of the wooden house doesn’t only have the singularity of being a “different” product because this is the difference that our demanding clients are looking for.

Since the first contact, from the presentation of the sketch in 3D to the presentation of the proposal, all the questions are clarified, so after the order is made everything will be exactly like the client asked and imagined.

During the process of execution there will be always a margin of maneuver for those little changes that only can present themselves as important ones at the location.

To be present during all the stages

Because we know that the construction of the house sometimes is the biggest dream of a lifetime, we are here to give you our total availability for all the details and doubts that can eventually appear and wasn’t mentioned in the analysis of requirements and now are important.

In Pinho Casa, we are always available by phone and our dislocation to the location of the construction is always guaranteed.

We believe in long-lasting relationship and we are proud that after 15 years of building wooden houses all of our clients are still our loyal friends.